Get More out of Your Data

The power of data to transform your organization is only limited by your ability to understand and act on it. MIT Professional Education – Short Programs offers a variety of courses on data modeling, analysis, and computational tools to empower individuals to make sense of and create value from their large data sets across a broad range of industries and disciplines.


Data and Models: Regressive Analytics

Making smarter decisions means not only collecting better data but having powerful analytics in place to gain greater insights from it. Help your organization get the most from its data by building a strong foundation of algorithms and computational methods to learn how to accurately fit your data to the right models you need to make better business decisions.


Design and Analysis of Experiments

Designing and executing experiments to derive the most meaningful results requires careful thought and structure including selecting the right design for an experiment and carrying out the most effective methods. Learn how to deriving the most from your experiments from initial design to execution to analysis, including a detailed study of the popular and impactful fractional factorial experiment design and a comparison of Taguchi methods to more traditional techniques.


Discrete Choice Analysis: Predicting Demand and Market Shares

Being able to effectively leverage powerful models to predict user behavior can have significant impact on everything from financial services and mobile devices to travel services and popular coffee brands. Learn the models and techniques involved in discrete choice to empower your market research; guide your product positioning, pricing, testing; and many other competitive strategic areas.


Machine Learning for Big Data and Text Processing

Today’s modern data analysis methods for predicting user behavior, compliance, and risk are driven by machine learning processes that can be found in nearly every standard digital convenience: search engines, recommendations, advertisements, and financial services. Learn about the suite of key machine learning tools, such as predictive analysis and parsing unstructured and semi-structured text, and their most effective practical applications.


Modeling and Simulation of Transportation Networks

Modeling and simulation methods are essential elements in the design and operation of transportation systems. Congestion problems in cities worldwide have prompted, at all levels of government and industry, a proliferation of interest in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that include advanced supply and demand management techniques.


People Analytics: Transforming Management with Behavioral Data

There are basic questions that have an impact on businesses that no one can answer. How much does the executive team communicate with engineering? Is a manager really spending time with their team? How often should a salesperson speak with a customer? The reason we can’t answer these questions is a lack of data. Born out of the MIT Media Lab, people analytics, or using behavioral data (emails, IMs, calendar data, sensor data) to understand and manage organizations, has fundamentally changed how companies operate. This course will provide participants with a foundation in people analytics through discussion and hands-on exercises with real world data and tools.


Understanding and Predicting Technological Innovation: New Data and Theory

Recognizing the need for invention and nurturing innovation within your organization is easy to miss and difficult to capitalize upon. This course aims to give participants a strong quantitative grounding in how to not only recognize but predict technological innovations using statistical analysis and decomposition models of large data sets from across several industries and empirical examinations of common theories, as well as how to apply these rigorous data analysis methods and theories in order to make informed business decisions about technology investment and design.




Technical professionals worldwide come to courses offered by MIT Professional Education — Short Programs to gain crucial knowledge and take back applicable skills to their organizations. Short Programs participants learn from renowned MIT faculty who are leaders in their fields, from biotechnology to energy to systems engineering. Spend five days studying controlled-release drug delivery with the biomedical engineering professor who invented it or learn about the latest radar technology by building and testing your own imaging radar system.


Short Programs attendees come from across the U.S. and around the world. Approximately 30% are international and 20% come from New England. Most are mid-career technical, scientific, business, and government professionals in their 20s through 50s and beyond who wish to advance their careers.


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