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The Progetto Rocca is managed by the MIT-Italy Program, under the supervision of an advisory board composed by representatives of the Fondazione Rocca, Politecnico and MIT, and with the assistance of the MIT-Italy Scientific Committee.


  • Giovanni Azzone
    President, Politecnico di Milano
  • Emilio Baglietto
    MIT, Associate Professor
  • Emilio Bizzi
    MIT, Institute Professor
  • Luca Daniel
    MIT, Professor
  • Roberto Farolfi
    Fondazione Rocca and Techint Group
  • Luigi Iperti
    Fondazione Rocca
    Vice president, Techint Group
  • Serenella Sferza
    MIT, Co-Director, MIT-Italy Program
  • Donatella Sciuto
    Politecnico, di Milano, Professor, and Vice Rector

MIT-Italy Scientific Committee

For the screenings of candidates and initiatives, the Progetto Rocca relies on the expertise and advice of many MIT scientists who have close collaborations with Italian research institutions and are representative of the MIT research community. In particular, the MIT-Italy Scientific Committee includes:

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