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Funded Initiatives

Workshops and Colloquia

  • Reduction Strategies for the Simulation of Complex Problems, a Workshop organized by professors Anthony Patera and Karen Willcox --MIT –Center for Computational Engineerig-- and Alfio Quarteroni--Politecnico MOX. To be held in January 2011.
  • Self- AwarE Computing, (SEEC) , Professors Anant Agarwal and Marco Santambrogio, January 2012 l.
  • Analysis and design of recycling technologies and systems. Dr. Stanley B. Gershwin, MIT Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Prof. Tullio Tolio, Technology and Production Systems group – Department of Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano

NB: The Progetto Rocca no longer support these initiatives.

MIT Faculty Travel Grants

  • Anant Agarwal, MIT, EECS, "Building a Self-Aware Operating System for Multicores and Clouds", Summer 2010
  • Ali Khademhosseini, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology, Assistant Professor, “Mathematical modeling of cell based diagnostic devices”, 2007
  • Barbara Liskov, MIT Institute Professor, "The power of abstraction," Polimi department of Electronics and Information, September 2010
  • Roman Stocker,MIT, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, “Application of fluid dynamics - in particular microfluidics - to environmental and biological questions.”2006
  • Todd Thorsen, MIT, Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering, “Development of microfluidic devices for biomedical applications, including modeling, fabrication and manufacture of devices for diverse applications such as DNA diagnostics, artificial respiration, and modeling biofilm formation in tooth decay.” 2005
  • Tomasz Wierzbicki, MIT, Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering, “ Collaboration between the impact and crashworthiness lab at MIT and the department of aerospace engineering at Politecnico.” 2005
  • Laurence R. Young, MIT, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, “Exploratory visit to advance collaboration with Prof Antonio Pedotti at Politecnico.” 2005
  • Federico Casalegno, Mobile Experience Lab, "Sustainable Mobility and Design," May 2008
  • Ahmed Ghoniem, MIT Mechanical Engineering, Summer 2011
  • Laurence Young, MIT, Aero Astro, Summer 2011
  • Giampaolo Manzolini, Politecnico di Milano, Energy, Summer 2011
  • Peter Dourmashkin, MIT, Physics, Summer 2013
  • Gregory Rutledge, MIT, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2013
  • Alessandro Colombo, Polimi, EECS, Summer 2013  
  • Paolo Maffezzoni, Polimi, EECS, Summer 2013
  • Joe Formaggio, MIT, Physics Spring 2014
  • Mario Guagliano, Polimi, Mechanical Engineering, Spring 2014

Faculty Seed Fund Collaborations

  • Mathematical Modeling and Signal Processing for Integrative Patient Monitoring  MIT: George Verghese,; Politecnico: Giuseppe Baselli. Field of collaboration: Computer Science and Bioengineering.
  • Failure Movement Ecology at the Microscale: experiments and models with predator-prey bacteria MIT: Roman Stocker; Politecnico : Marino Gatto and Renato Casagrandi. Field of collaboration: Environmental Engineering and Electronics.
  • Computational modeling of controlled drug release and arterial uptake from biodegradable material implants, MIT: Elazer Edelman and Vijaya Kolachalama; Politecnico: Luca Formaggia, and Sara Minisini. Field of collaboration Computer science and bio-engineering.
  • Chalcogenide Glass micro-resonators for advanced low power non linear optics, MIT: Lionel Kimerling and Anuragha Agarwal; Politecnico: Andrea Melloni, Electronics and Materials Science and Engineering
  • Self Adaptive Autonomic Systems MIT: Anant Agarwal; Politecnico:Donatella Sciuto. Field of collaboration:EECS-AI.
  • Iso-dielectophoretic separation and impedance measurement for intrinsic cell sorting. MIT:Joel Voldman; Politecnico:Marco Sampietro. Field of collaboration:EECS- Bioengineering.
  • Development of numerical Simulations and Modelling tools for MEMS and Emerging Technologies. MIT:Luca Daniel and Jacob White; Politecnico:Attilio Frangi and Alberto Corigliano. Field of collaboration:EECS
  • Failure analysis of inertial MEMS sensors subject to impacts: A multiscale-statistical approach. MIT:prof. Raul Radovitzky; Politecnico: profs. Stefano Mariani and Anna Pandolfi and Dr. Anna Ferrara. Field of Collaboration: Computational Engineering.
  • Multi-scale computational study of tendon hierarchical structure and collagen-related diseases, MIT:prof. Markus Buehler: Politecnico: prof. Alberto Redaelli. Field of collaboration: BioEngineering.
  • Tumour Real-Time Targeting in High-Precision Radiation Therapy. MIT-Harvard, HST - MGH Radiation Oncology:Rakesh Kumar Jain, Dava J Newman, George TY Chen; Politecnico: Antonio Pedotti, Guido Baroni, Bioengineering. Field of collaboration: Biomedical Engineering.
  • Tissue Engineering in Human Cartilage in Bioreactors. MIT: Lisa Freed, Dr. Matteo Moretti, Harvard – MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology: Politecnico: Manuela Raimondi, Riccardo Pietrabissa, Bioengineering. Field of collaboration: Bioengineering.
  • Optoelectronic Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement During Short-Radius Centrifugation. MIT: Larry Young, Aeronautics and Astronautics: Politecnico: Antonio Pedotti, Biomedical Engineering. Field of collaboration: Mechanical Engineering.
  • Thermophoretic Effects in Nanofluids. MIT: Jacopo Buongiorno, Nuclear
    Engineering; Politecnico: Roberto Piazza, Soft Condensed Matter Laboratory. Field of collaboration: Materials Science.
  • Computational Fracture Mechanic. MIT: Tomasz Wierzbicki, Mechanical and Ocean Engineering: Politecnico: Chiara Bisagni. Field of collaboration: Materials Science-Mechanical Engineering.
  • Design and Modeling of Microconduits for Oxygenation and Artificial Respiration. MIT: Todd Thorsen, Mechanical Engineering; Politecnico: Alberto Redaelli, Biomechanics. Field of collaboration: Biomechanical-Biomedical Engineering.
  • Reduced Basis Methods for  Fluid Mechanics Problems. MIT:Anthony Patera, Mechanic Engineering: Politecnico Alfio Quarteroni, (MOX modeling and Scientific Computing). Field of collaboration: Mechanical Engineering.
  • Analysis of the Interactions Among Quality and Productivity Performance Measures in Production System. MIT:  Dr Gershwin, Mechanical Engineering; Politecnico  professor Tullio Tolio. Field of collaboration: Mechanical Engineering.
  • High-energy, Phase-controlled, Few-Optical-cycle Light Pulses and Attosecond Pulse Generation, MIT: professor Erich Ippen, Electrical Eng & Computer Science; Politecnico: Giulio Cerullo. Field of collaboration: Physics and Materials Science
  • Collision Avoidance in Large Transportation Networks MIT: Domitilla Del Vecchio, Mechanical Engineering. Polimi: Alessandro Colombo, Elcetronics and Information 2012
  • Stochastic Dynamics of Wind Turbines MIT: Konstantin Turitsyn, Mechanical Engineering. Polimi: Carlo Luigi Bottasso, Aerospace Engineering, 2012
  • Coupled Flow and Geomechanics of Fault - Application to CO2 Sequestration MIT: Juanes Ruben, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Polimi: Luca Formaggia, Mathematics. 2013
  • Bone-Inspired Materials, MIT: Markus J. Buehler, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Polimi: Laura Vergani, 2014.
  • Correlating Grain Boundary Crystallography to the Onset of Localized Corrosion, MIT: Michael Demkowicz, Materials Science and Engineering; Polimi: Matteo Seita, Maria Vittoria Diamanti and Marco Ormellese, 2014.
  • Development of Macromodeling and Simulation Techniques for Uncertainty Quantification and Noise Analysis in Oscillatory Devices, MIT Luca Daniel, EECS; Polimi:Paolo Maffezzoni, 2014.
  • Dynamic Modelling for Surger, MIT : Dava Newman, Aeronautics and Astronautics; Polimi: Guido Baroni, 2014.
  • Nonlinear Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting, MIT:Sang-Gook Kim, Mechanical Engineering; Polimi: Alberto Corigliano, 2014.
  • Bioactive Coating for Accelerated Bone Regeneration: A Pathway to Enhance Implant Fixation Nonlinear Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting, MIT: Ming Dao Polimi: Mario Guagliano, 2015
  • Development of Efficient Stochastic Simulation and Modeling Techniques for Photonic Design Automation, Bioelectrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT: Luca Daniel Polimi: Andrea Melloni, 2015
  • Exploring and Modelling Interacting Cracks: Toward a Crack Network Model, MIT: Ken Kamrin Polimi: Mario Guagliano, 2015

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