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Seed Funds

The Progetto Rocca funds about half a dozen start- up collaborations between MIT and Politecnico faculty a year. Procedures, deadline and terms are the same as for similar international collaborative projects pooled under the “global seed funds” initiative. The main deadline is in September, and rolling afterwards pending funding availability. We strongly encourage PI’s to apply in the Fall, in keeping with the MISTI Global Seed funds deadline..

Applications must be submitted by an MIT and a Politecnico PI. Funds must go to an MIT account, but they can shared between the two teams, to cover travel and research stays at MIT by Politecnico researchers or viceversa.

In keeping with the “start-up” spirit of this initiative, funding is not meant to cover full blown research projects, but only their exploratory phase, after which the PI’s are expected to apply for outside funding. Grants are up to $15,000. The two PI’s are jointly responsible for setting the budget. Only tenure track faculty qualify as PI's. Proposals must be submitted electronically. Collaborations are expected to begin soon after the funding decision is announced. A short report is expected after the funded research is completed.

Apply online.

Please respect the suggest length limits: many reviewers will not read past them!

For more information about the Global Seed funds, go to

For clarifications and inquiries, please contact Dr. Serenella Sferza,

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