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To all new and continuing Rocca Fellows: congratulations, welcome and Buon Lavoro!

  • Mazdak Hashempour Igderi, Roberto Rocca Post-Doctoral Fellow, Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering, “hosted by Carl V. Thompson and Evelyn Wang2015-16
  • Seyyed Mostafa Hassani Gangaraj, Roberto Rocca Post-Doctoral Fellow Mech Eng and Materials Science, hosted by Christopher Schuh, 2014-15
  • Valerio Panzica- La Manna, Roberto Rocca Post-Doctoral Fellow, hosted by Michael Bove, 2015
  • Riccardo Pisoni, Roberto Rocca Master Fellow, Physics  Engineering Alta Scuola Politecnica, hosted by Pablo Jarillo-Herrero. Summer 2015-Spring 2016
  • Lorenzo Baldrati, Roberto Rocca Doctoral Fellow, Materials Science and Engineering, hosted by  Geoffrey Beach. Fall 2015 
  • Niccolo Calandri, Roberto Rocca Doctoral Fellow, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, hosted by Karl Berggren. Fall 2015
  • Luca D'Alessandro, Roberto Rocca Doctoral Fellow Structural mechanics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, hosted by Dana Weinstein. Fall 2015
  • Bianca Giovanardi, Roberto Rocca Doctoral Fellow, Math and  Mechanical Engineering, hosted by Raul Radovitzky. Fall 2015
  • Simone Mazzola, Roberto Rocca Doctoral Fellow,  Energy and Environment, hosted by Ignacio Perez Arriaga, Fall 2015
  • Alberto Speroni, Roberto Rocca Doctoral Fellow, Environmental and Civil Engineering, hosted by Carlo Ratti. Fall 2015

We wish our newly arrived and returning Rocca Fellows a very productive stay, and we invite them to join the Rocca Fellows online community at :

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Please note that MIT graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for funding for research stays at the Milan Politecnico. For more info, please e-mail

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