Christopher Angelo Provenzano

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Welcome to my MIT home page. I have been an active member of the MIT community now for many years and continue to hangout at MIT. You can find me either at SIPB helping out students and hacking on various software projects or persuing personal hobbies with friends, like patrol and ultimate frisbee.

I was membered in 1991 shortly after I started hanging out at MIT. Often I am in the SIPB office answering user questions and working on some random piece of free software. I am not currently working on any specific SIPB projects yet, however I plan to teach my Pthreads course again over IAP.

StairMaster with an attitude! It is an excelent way of releiving stress, getting a good workout, with the added bonus of shooting your friends. Come join the mayhem.

Ultimate Frisbee
Come play Ultimate Frisbee. We have pickup games on Killian Court Tuesdays and Fridays, at 5:30. All levels of experience welcome. You can also get announcements of various Ultimate Frisbee activities by joining the diskless mailing list. To add yourself, run
     blanche diskless -a `whoami` 

Life outside of MIT
Yes! I have a life outside of MIT and it is even pertty good!


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