Educational Opportunities Study Group



To take an in-depth look at expanding educational opportunities in our residential campus as recommended by the Institute-Wide Task Force on Budget Planning. These opportunities include (but are not limited to)

  • Summer class offerings
  • Admitting special and transfer students
    • In general, or restricted to majors where there is capacity
  • 3+2 degree programs (i.e., three years at another academic institution, followed by two years at MIT)
  • Professional education
  • Lifetime academy
  • Partnering with corporate universities
  • Executive/professional education with corporate partners
  • Energy pathways (coordinated educational delivery)

The Committee is expected to engage the MIT community and report periodically to the Provost and other senior academic administrators (e.g., Deans, Department Heads). A preliminary report is anticipated by December 15, 2010, and a final report is due by April 15, 2011. The Committee shall submit its final report with specific recommendations regarding the strategic vision and objectives, as well as organization and implementation.


  • Fotini Christia (SHASS)
  • Martin L. Culpepper (SoE)
  • David L. Darmofal (SoE)
  • Rick L. Danheiser (SoS)
  • W. Eric Grimson (SoE), chair
  • Daniel E. Hastings (SoE), ex-officio
  • Haynes R. Miller (SoS)
  • John A. Ochsendorf (SA&P)
  • Georgia Perakis (SSM)
  • Krishna Rajagopal (SoS)
  • Caroline A. Ross (SoE)
  • George C. Verghese (SoE)
  • Tim Jenks, Undergraduate Student