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Assistant Professor
Aerospace Engineering, Mechanics, & Engineering Science College of Engineering
University of Florida
P.O. Box 116250
206 Aerospace Building
Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone: (904) 392-1029
FAX: (904) 392-7303

Picture of Norman Fitz-Coy
Norman Fitz-Coy

Description of Research
Dr. Fitz-Coy's current research activities are in the areas of (i) satellites retrieval methodologies, (ii) multi-objective control systems, and (iii) multi-axis vibration simulators.

In satellites retrieval methodologies research, he is investigating methodologies which are applicable to tumbling spacecraft. Currently, he is investigating the stability of interacting bodies in zero-g environments.

In the research area of multi-objective control systems, he is applying the concepts of differential game theory to the development of control algorithms for systems experiencing conflicts of interest.

In multi-axis Vibration Simulators research, he is investigating optimal actuator placement for multi-axis simulators, and designing a coordinated control system for 6-axis vibration simulation.

Recent Papers or Publications
Fitz-Coy, N. G., and A.Chatterjee, "Actuator Placement in Multi-Degree-of Freedom Vibration Simulators," accepted for publication in Shock and Vibration.

Fitz-Coy, N. G., and J-W Jang, "Active Vibration Isolation of a Space Platform: A Game Theoretic Approach," in review by the: Journal of Astronautical Science.

Special Honors or Awards

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