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Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering
University of Florida
P.O. Box 116005
227 Chemical Engineering
Gainesville, FL 32611-6005

Phone: (352) 392-5120
FAX: (352) 392-9513

Picture of Oscar D. Crisalle
Oscar D. Crisalle

Description of Research
A major effort of Dr. Crisalle's group concerns the design of robust controllers which, by definition, are capable of delivering high performance, and also guaranteeing system stability, in spite of modeling errors. Particular emphasis is given to the design of robust pole-placement and predictive controllers. Novel frequency-domain techniques for robust synthesis, such as the critical-direction method, are being developed. Research is done on the adaptive control of bilinear systems modeled using the Carleman bilinearization method. Applied control research is done in processes characteristic of the microelectronics industry and the pulp and paper processing industry. An industrial-scale pilot plant has been constructed with capabilities for concentrating Kraft black liquor and flowing it in a piping network for studies of viscosity control and heat transfer characteristics.
Recent Papers or Publications
Hrissagis, K. , O. D. Crisalle, and M. Sznaier, "Robust Design of Unconstrained Predictive Controllers." American Control Conference, Seattle, WA (June 1995).

Crisalle, O. D. , R. A. Soper, D. A. Mellichamp, and D. E. Seborg, "Adaptive Control of Photolithography", American lnstitute of Chemical Engineers Journal, Vol. 38, No. 1, pp.1-14 (1992).

Special Honors or Awards

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