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Fernando E. Fagundo

Associate Professor
Civil Engineering College of Engineering
University of Florida
P.O. Box 116580
345 Weil Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone: (904) 392-0951
FAX: (904) 392-3394




Description of Research
Dr. Fagundo's research involves behavior of prestressed segmental concrete bridges: Study of flal-slab segmental post-tensioned system to serve as replacement for standard highway overpass. A half-scale model has been tested under service and limit state loads for positive and negative bending. If implemented it could have a significant impact on cost reductions and aesthetic improvement over current alternatives.

He is also doing research on temperature effects on epoxy-coated bonded strands: The effect of curing and ambient temperatures on the bond characteristics of epoxy-coated strands have been evaluated. A standard testing procedure has been established, design requirements have been developed, and bond characteristics have been correlated with external temperatures.

Recent Papers or Publications
Fagundo, F. E., M. I. Hoit and A. Soeiro, "Probabilistic Design and Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Frames," Engineering Optimization, Vol. 12, December 1990, pp. 387-392.

Fagundo, F. E., Cook, R. A., and Biller, M. H., "Tensile Behavior and Design of Adhesive-Bonded Anchors and Dowels," Transportation Research Record, No. 1392, TRB, National Research Council, Washington, D. C., August 1993, pp. 126-133.

Special Honors or Awards

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