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Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
North Carolina State University
ECE Department
Box 7914
Raleigh, NC 27695-7914

Phone: 919-515-7348
FAX: 919-515-2285
Email: gloster@eos.ncsu.edu

B.S. North Carolina A&T State University 1985
M.S. North Carolina A&T State University 1988
Ph.D. North Carolina State University 1993

Picture of Clay Gloster
Clay Gloster

Description of Research
Dr. Gloster's current research interests are in the general area of reconfigurable/adaptive computing. Current research focuses on the identification of potential applications and the development of automated tools that assist scientists/engineers in mapping these applications onto reconfigurable/adaptive computing resources. A major project in this research program involves the development of a remote hardware resource allocation system for distributed adaptive computing. Dr. Gloster is also actively conducting research in the area of technology based curriculum development and distance education. He holds

one US patent.

Recent Papers or Publications
M. Figueiredo, C. Gloster, Mark Stephens, Corey Graves, Mouna Nakkar, ``Implementation of Multi-spectral Image Classification on a Remote Adaptive Computer'', Accepted for publication in the Journal of VLSI Design Special Issue on Reconfigurable Computing, September 1999.

C. Doss and C. Gloster, ``A Distance Education Course in Computer Engineering at NC State University'' Proceedings of the ASEE Conference, Charlotte, NC, June 1999.

W. Alexander, D. Reeves, and C. Gloster, ``Parallel Image Processing with the Block Data Parallel Architecture'', Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume 84, No. 7, pp. 947 - 968, July 1996.

Special Honors or Awards

Provost's African-American Professional Development Award 1998.

ACAAGS African-American Advocacy Award 1998.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Summer Faculty Fellowship Recipient Summer International Test Conference 1995 - Significant Contribution Award

NCSU Association for the Concerns of African-American Graduate Students Honoree Award 1995.

NCSU Chancellor's African-American Leadership Award 1992.

Best Presentation Award, International Conference on Computer Design 1990.

Best Paper Award, International Conference on Computer Design 1990.

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