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Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Drexel University
32nd and Chestnut Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215-895-1542
FAX: 215-895-1478
Email: hsosa@coe.drexel.edu

B.S. UNLP, Argentina 1978
M.S. Stanford University 1983
Ph.D. Stanford University 1986

Picture of Horacio Sosa
Horacio Sosa

Description of Research
Theoretical and numerical modeling of active materials, such as crystals, ceramics and polymers with ferroelelectric, piezoelectric and electrostrictive characterisitcs.

Recent interests include (a) the transient dynamic response of active materials to concentrated impulses of mechanical and electrical nature; (b) development of new constitutive relationships for piezo-polymers and experimental means for their characterization.

Applications of the aforementioned studies are found in the fields of microelectronics, smart structures and devices, high voltage transformers and bio-engineering.

Recent Papers or Publications
Sosa, H. "On material degradation and failure of piezoelectric ceramics."

In Structronic Systems: Smart Structures, Devices and Systems, Part I, Chapter 10, pp 333-378, World Scientific, 1998.

Khutoryansky, N., Sosa, H. and Zu, W. "Approximate Green's functions and a BEM for electro-elastic analyses of active materials." Computers and Structures, Vol. 66(2/3), pp. 289-299, 1998.

Sosa, H. Khutoryansky, N. "Transient dynamic response of piezoelectric bodies subjected to internal electric impulses."

International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 36, pp. 5467-5484, 1999.

Special Honors or Awards
Argentina's National Committee for Atomic Energy Fellowship, 1981

NSF Research Initiation Award, 1989

Sabbatical Fellowship from Ministry of Education of Spain, 1995

Nato Collaborative Research Fellowship, 1996

Fullbright Fellowship, 1997.

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