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Associate Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Florida International University
University Park
Miami, Florida 33199

Phone: (305) 348-2837
FAX: (305) 348-2802

Picture of Hector R.  Fuentes
Hector R. Fuentes

Description of Research
Dr. Fuentes' research interests and experience are in the experimental and mathematical modeling of the fate and transport of contaminants in fluid media in both natural and engineered systems. His research contributions have been in the understanding of the kinetic and equilibrium interactions of radionuclides and low molecular weight hydrocarbons in suspensions of clays, oxides and zeolites. Ongoing efforts are in the characterization of processes that affect the transformation of oils and fuels in marine and freshwater sub-tropical environments. Applications are in the general areas of water quality, environmental contamination, waste disposal, treatment technologies, and risk assessment. Another current initiative is the development of pollution prevention strategies for watershed protection. Research sponsors have included NSF, USEPA, USNRC, USDOE, and ARCO Foundation. Dr. Fuentes is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.

Recent Papers or Publications
Gutierrez, M. and H. R. Fuentes, "A Langmuir Isotherm-Based Prediction of Competitive Sorption of Sr, Cs, and Co in Ca-Montmorillonite," Waste Management, Vol. 13, 327-332 (1993).

Polzer, W. L., M. G. Rao, H. R. Fuentes, and R. J. Beckman, "Thermodynamically-Derived Relationships Between the Modified Langmuir Isotherm and Experimental Parameters," Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 26, No. 9, 1780-1786 (1992).

Special Honors or Awards

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