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Assistant Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Florida International University
Civil & Environmental Eng.
University Park
Miami, Florida 33199

Phone: (305) 348-3485
FAX: (305) 348-2802

Picture of Sylvan C. Jolibois
Sylvan C. Jolibois

Description of Research
Nationally--as a Dwight D. Eisenhower Fellow at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Turner-Fairbank Research Center in McLean, VA--Dr. Jolibois recently completed a study on possible applications of satellite communications technologies for highway users needs (1993). The study was part of the FHWA Intelligent Vehicles Highway Systems (IVHS) development program. His interests also extend to the relationship between energy consumption in transportation and air pollution. A current study for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) analyzed the potential impacts of IVHS technologies on air pollution/vehicle emissions of transit bus fleets (1994). Finally, at the international level, Dr. Jolibois has performed research on the management of transportation resources within multisectoral rural development projects in the Caribbean (1993).
Recent Papers or Publications
Jolibois, Jr., S. C., and J. R. Bishop, "Communication Systems for IVHS Mayday Scenario," to appear in Public Roads, Journal of Highway Research and Development, Summer 1994, USDOT, Washington DC.

Jolibois, Jr., S. C., "State Versus Nongovernmental Organization Management of Transportation Resource: A Comparison of Rural Development Projects in Haiti," Institute of Transportation Studies Dissertation Series, UCB-ITS-93-2, Spring 1993.

Special Honors or Awards

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