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Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Florida International University
Electrical & Computer Eng.
University Park
Miami, Florida 33199

Phone: (305) 348-2115
FAX: (305) 348-3707

Picture of Jean Andrian
Jean Andrian

Description of Research
Dr. Andrian's research involves fluctuation phenomena in solid-state devices; application of wavelet theory to non stationary stochastic processes: e.g. 1/f - like noise solid-state device modeling and characterization; and electrochemical gas sensors.
Recent Papers or Publications
Ivanov, D., J. Currie, A. Lecourss, H. Bonchard, J. Andrian, and A. Yelon: "Evaluation of the Ionic Conductivity of Sputtered Silicate-Limit NASICON Thin Film for Electrochemical Sensors", Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Solid State Sensors and Actuators, Tokyo, Japan, pp. 382-385, 1993.

Adjouadi, M., F. Candocia, J. Andrian, and H. Sumargo, "Image Application of Wavelet Transforms", 2nd International Conference on Automation , Robotics and Computer Vision, ICAR V'92, Singapore, 1992.

Special Honors or Awards

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