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Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Florida International University
Mechanical Engineering
University Park
Miami, Florida 33199

Phone: (305) 348-3556
FAX: (305) 348-1932

Picture of Norman Munroe
Norman Munroe

Description of Research
Dr. Munroe's research is focused in the binding of dissolved uranium by pseudomonas aeruginosa: The mechanism of uranium binding by pseudomonas aeruginosa CSU, and organism under consideration for use in a biological process for treatment of uranium-contaminated effluents, was examined. Washed, resting cells were shown to remove uranium from dilute aqueous solutions of UO-2(NO-3)-2. Loadings of 0.103 mg U/g cell dry wt. were achieved at equilibrium. Metal loadings were enhanced by pretreatment of the cells with polar organic solvents. Initial binding of uranium was rapid and coincided with a redox reaction where hexavalent uranium was reduced to the tetravalent state.

Another research area is electrokinetic remediation of contaminated soils. This research deals with the removal of heavy metals and organic molecules from unsaturated soil. Preliminary investigations have revealed that ionic migration due to electrical fields can be utilized to induce movement of contaminants. Anions migrate toward the anode and cations redistribute toward the cathode. The contaminants can then be removed from the system by either extraction of fluid or soil from the neighborhood of the electrode, ion exchange near the electrode or plating on the electrode. Initial investigation focuses on Cd, Ag and Cu removal on bench scale level as a function of various operational parameters.

Recent Papers or Publications
Munroe, N. D. H. , J. D. Bonner, R. Williams, K. F. Pattison, J. M. Norman and B. D. Faison, "Binding of Dissolved Uranium by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa CSU," 15th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels & Chemicals, Colorado Springs.

Munroe, N. D. H., "Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Transport Phenomena in a Particulate Reacting System," Heat Transfer in Fire and Combustion Systems ASME, HTD-Vol. 250, 1993 pp. 69-78.

Special Honors or Awards

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