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Associate Professor
Aerospace Engineering
Polytechnic University
Route 110
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Email: oyiba@tasha.poly.edu

Picture of Gabriel Oyibo
Gabriel Oyibo

Description of Research
Recently Dr. Oyibo discovered a new hodograph technique for determining exact nonlinear two-dimensional unsteady and three dimensional flow. This discovery has already begun to change a century old scientific and mathematical perception that the hodograph tool was only useful for two-dimensional fluid flow problems. In evolving the Hodograph transformation concept into a practical design tool, Dr. Oyibo has been involved in extensive application of numerical methods and large computer programs utilizing the Cray supercomputer. This Cray experience has convinced Dr. Oyibo that the resulting design tool would potentially be a significant discovery. In fact, some 3-D aerodynamic shapes are now being evolved from this discovery which theoretically promises to make shock free flight at the speed of sound possible. This research is suggesting that the solutions of most mathematical physics equations can be found from group transformation theory, the core of my research. This theory hopefully can be used to solve the full Navier Stokes and Reynolds Averaged equations for turbulence in closed form.

Recent Papers or Publications
Oyibo, G. A., "Formulation of Three Dimensional Hodograph Method and Separable Solutions for Nonlinear Transonic Flows." American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Journal, Vol. 28, No. 10, Oct. 1990, pp. 1745-1750.

Oyibo, Gabriel A., New Group Theory for Mathematical Physics, Gas Dynamics and Turbulence, Nova Science Publishers, New York , 1993.

Special Honors or Awards

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