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Assistant Professor
Materials Science & Engineering
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

Phone: (609) 258-5609
Email: soboyejo@princeton.edu

Picture of Winston Soboyejo
Winston Soboyejo

Description of Research
Dr. Soboyejo's recent research work involves the use of mechanics and materials concepts in the design of novel composite and intermetallic materials. In recent years, he has worked on the development of synergistic toughening concepts for the improvement of damage resistance. These involve the design of composite interfaces that promote interactions between transformation thoughening and crack bridging mechanisms in composites. He has also been involved in the development of in-situ composite processing techniques. Such techniques can simplify the steps involved in the fabrication and coating of composite materials.
Recent Papers or Publications
Soboyejo, W. O., K. T. Venkateswara Rao, S. M. L. Sastry and R. O. Ritchie, "Strength, Fracture and Fatigue Behavior of Advanced High-Temperature Intermetallics Reinforced with the Ductile Phases," Metallurgical Transactions, Vol. 24A, 1993, pp. 585-600.

Soboyejo, W. O., and K. Lou, "Grain Boundary Segregation and Intergranular Fracture in a Gamma-Based Titanium Aluminide Intermetallic," Scripta Metallurgica ET Materialia, Vol. 29, pp. 1335-1339.

Special Honors or Awards

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