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Associate Dean for Research, & Associate Professor

North Carolina A&T
225 North Avenue--Suite 303
Atlanta, GA 30332-0360

Phone: (336) 334-7965

Picture of Carolyn Meyers
Carolyn Meyers

Description of Research
Dr. Meyers' research, funded by the National Science Foundation, the Foundry Educational Foundation, the TRW Foundation, General Motors Delco Moraine Division, United Technologies and EXXON, is in the areas of structure-property relationships in engineered materials; microstructural characterization; solution heat treatment kinetics; and micromechanisms of wear.
Recent Papers or Publications
Meyers, C., "Women in Engineering: Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going." ASEE Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA, June 1995.

Meyers, C., "Faculty Mentoring, Development and Tenure." ASEE National Forum on Minority Participation in Engineering, Anaheim, CA, June 1995.

Meyers, C., C. Sidbury, and P.V. Desai, "Experimental Observations of the Interaction of Inert Particles at a Solid/Liquid Interface." Presented at the American Physical Society Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, November 1994.

Special Honors or Awards

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