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Chemical Engineering
Cornell University
230 Olin Hall
Ithaca, New York 14853

Phone: (607) 255-4280
FAX: (607) 255-9166

Picture of Ferdinand Rodriguez
Ferdinand Rodriguez

Description of Research
Current Areas of research include the formation and processing of polymers for electronic applications. Especially of interest are novel polymers or polymer systems with enhanced sensitivity to deep UV and electron beam radiation. Also, the polymers must show resistance to oxygen-containing plasmas which are used in the production of integrated circuits. Another area of research is that of polymer recycling. Solvent processes for separation or purification of plastics and gamma radiation of blends are two avenues of approach.
Recent Papers or Publications
Rodriguez, F., L. M. Vane, J. J. Schueter, and P. Clark. 1992. "Separation Steps in Polymer Recycling Processes." Environmental Remediation, G. Vandegriftt, D.T. Reed, and I. R. Tasker (eds). ACS Symposium Series, No. 509, chapter 8, p. 99, ACS Washington, DC.

Hand, B., T. Long, B. C. Dems, and F. Rodriguez. 1993. "Reactive Ion Etching of Selected Polymers in O_2 and CF4/O2." Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 47, 2135-2142.

Special Honors or Awards

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