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Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering
Cornell University
411 Phillips Hall
Ithaca, New York 14853

Phone: (607) 255-2571
FAX: (607) 254-4565

Picture of Alfred Phillips
Alfred Phillips

Description of Research
Dr. Phillips' research has a dual aspect. The first is creating quantum based switches. A recent proposal for this involved a single-electron transistor (SET) as the heart of an OptoElectronic Integrated Circuit (OEIC). This OEIC design utilized a sensitive quantum-wire detector, the SET for electron amplification, and a quantum-dot laser for its low threshold current. Calculations showed significant photonic gain. The second research aspect deals with semiconductor process modeling. An "Ion Migration Model" for diffusion has been created and tested. This extended diffusion model incorporates electric field effects; it is based upon fundamental mechanisms of atomic motion in diffusion.
Recent Papers or Publications
Azad, M., and A. Phillips, Jr., "Integrated Quantum Optical Switch," Proceedings, 1993 Device Research Symposium, pp. 831-833, 1993.

Leung, K. T., and A. Phillips, Jr., "Modeling Sb Diffusion in Si Using an Ion Migration PDE," Transactions B, Bulletin of the American Physical Society, April 1994.

Special Honors or Awards

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