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McNair Endowed Professor
Computer Science
North Carolina A&T State University
108 Graham Hall, Room 108
1601 E. Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Phone: (336) 334-7245, ext. 450
FAX: (910) 334-7244
Email: monroe@ncat.edu

Picture of Joseph Monroe
Joseph Monroe

Description of Research
Dr. Monroe's present research involves object-oriented methods as they support reuse. He is investigating how object-oriented methods support reuse.

One of the alleged benefits of object-oriented technology is its superior technical support for reuse of software components. The aim of Dr. Monroe's research is to examine the effect that the goal of reuse has on the software development life cycle. The approach he uses is to highlight issues pertaining to reuse that must be considered in each phase of the life cycle.

In the first phase of his research, Dr. Monroe classifies the reuse issues relevant to the object-oriented approach. This is done both from the technology and management viewpoints. In the next phase, he explores the features of object-oriented technology that assist reuse and some of the limitations. The last phase of his research addresses distinct development contexts with respect to reuse, developing components for reuse and system development with reuse.

Recent Papers or Publications
Monroe, Joseph, "Formal Specifications for C++ Aggregation Classes." Submitted for publication to the Journal of Technical Achievers, 1995.

Monroe, Joseph, "Formal Methods for Ada95 Reuse." Presentation at the 13th Annual National Conference on Ada Technology, 1995.

Monroe, Joseph, "Formal Methods for Adaptable and Scaleable Systems." Presented at the Software Engineering National Conference on Software Engineering, 1995.

Special Honors or Awards

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