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Industrial Engineering
North Carolina A&T State University
Industrial Engineering
Greensboro, NC 27411

Phone: (336) 334-7500

Picture of Celestine A. Ntuen
Celestine A. Ntuen

Description of Research
Dr. Ntuen's recent research is centered on human-machine systems engineering (HMSE). Work done is concerned with analysis, design and synthesis of knowledge about people and machines as they interact in a real world situation. Research activities include the development of models to characterize the human operator interaction with complex systems, human-machine interaction for supervisory control, human reliability and safety models in complex systems, system monitoring, diagnosis, control and maintenance. Application tools are modern system engineering models, which include artificial intelligence, fuzzy set theory, modern control theory and neural network.
Recent Papers or Publications
Ntuen, C.A. and J. A. Chestnut, "An Expert Systems for Selecting Manufacturing Workers for Training." Expert Systems With Applications: An International Journal (in press).

Ntuen, C.A., E. H. Park, A. Setty, and M. Kim, "A Dialogue-based (Natural language) Platform for Human Interaction with an Intelligent Mining Machine." International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 1995, 7(3), 249-272.

Nuten, C.A., E.H. Park, Y-M Wang, and W. Byrd, "The Top Architecture for Multiagent Task Planning and Scheduling." Computers and Industrial Engineering, 1992, 23(1-4), 153-156.

Special Honors or Awards

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