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Picture of Lorace  Massay
Lorace Massay

Description of Research
Dr. Massay's research focus is systematic methodology for the design of Cellular manufacturing Systems. Stages of the design process are established, methods and tools for each stage are identified, and transition criteria for progressing from one stage to the next are established. The design effort is broken into four phases - analysis, conceptual design, embodiment design, and detailed design. Evaluation of the methodology required the use of real-life data. Three in-depth case scenarios, with varying levels of complexity, from industry and academia, were conducted. In all cases , the rapid generation and timely evaluation of good CMS design alternatives was facilitated by the use of the methodology.
Recent Papers or Publications
Massay, L. L., C. O. Benjamin, and Y. Omurtag. "A Methodology For Manufacturing Cell Design," Proceedings, 4th Intern. Symposium on Robotics and Manufacturing (ISRAM'92), November 11-13, 1992, Sante Fe, NM, USA, pp. 877-882.

Massay, L. L., C. O. Benjamin, and S. A. Raper. "Simulation Modeling In Manufacturing Cell Design: A Case Study from Academia", Proceedings, UPCAEDM 1992, Tennessee Technological University, August 16-19, 1992.

Special Honors or Awards

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