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Chemical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University
AW Smith Building 124B
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106-7217

Phone: (216) 368-4151
FAX: (216) 368-3016

Picture of Robert V. Edwards
Robert V. Edwards

Description of Research
In research, Dr. Edwards has been doing numerical simulations and creating statistical data processing algorithms that were simply impractical to apply in the recent past. Primarily, these have been in the area of light scattering for particle size measurement and for laser anemometry. He has also been struggling to create a computer-based pedagogical approach to teaching statistics to engineers and scientists. With relatively available software such as a spread sheet, students can now do experiments of a wide variety. Existing texts in statistics do not yet admit this possibility. Using the computer this way means more than just doing the same old calculations faster. Exercises can be devised that let the student explore statistics in a whole new fashion.
Recent Papers or Publications
Lading, L., R. V. Edwards, "Laser Velocimeters: Lower Limits to Uncertainty", Applied Optics, 32, p. 21, 1993.

Edwards, R.V., "Processing of Random Data," Chapter in Optical Diagnostics for Flow Processes, eds. Lars. Lading, Graham Wigley, Preben Buchhave, Plenum Press, New York and London (1995).

Special Honors or Awards

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