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Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering College of Engineering
Arizona State University
Box 877606, GWC 612
Tempe, AZ 85287-7606

Phone: (602) 965-3712
FAX: (602) 965-0461

Picture of Armando A. Rodriguez
Armando A. Rodriguez

Description of Research
Dr. Rodriguez's primary research interests lie in the development of a practical theory for controlling nonlinear distributed parameter systems. He has recently pioneered new techniques for addressing systems with multiple hard nonlinearities. These techniques have been successfully applied to enhance the performance of missile guidance and control systems. In addition to pursuing aerospace applications, Dr. Rodriguez is interested in smart/flexible structures and IVHS applications. He is currently leading an effort, sponsored by the INTEL Corporation, dedicated to the design and implementation of new algorithms for reentrant semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

During the past year, Dr. Rodriguez has developed and managed a multi-disciplinary research program, involving over 25 minority students, focused on Modeling, Simulation, and Graphical Visualization of Dynamical Systems. This effort has been supported by the Coalition to Increase Minority Degrees, the National Science Foundation, the ASU Center for System Science and Engineering, and the ASU Center of Improving Engineering Education.

Recent Papers or Publications
Rodriguez, A. A. and M. A. Dahleh, "On the Computation of Induced Norms for Non-Compact Hankel Operators Arising From for Distributed Control Problems," Systems & Control Letters (19), 1992, pp. 429-438.

Rodriguez, A. A. and R. Aguilar, "Graphical Visualization of Missile-Target Air-to-Air Engagements: An Educational Tool for Designing and Evaluating Missile Guidance and Control Systems," Journal of Computer Applications in Engineering Education, Vol. 3, No. 1, 1995, pp. 5-20.

Rodriguez, A. A., "Weighted H Mixed-Sensitivity Minimization for Stable MIMO Distributed Parameter Systems," accepted for publication in the IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, March, 1995.

Special Honors or Awards

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