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Associate Professor
Chemical, Biological, & Materials Engineering
Arizona State University
279 Engineering Research Center
Box 876006
Tempe, AZ 85287-6006

Phone: (602) 965-7471
FAX: (480)-965-5334
Email: alford@asu.edu

B.S. N.C. State University 1984
M.S. N.C. State University 1986
Ph.D. Cornell University 1991

Picture of Terry L.  Alford
Terry L. Alford

Description of Research
Dr. Alford is engaged in research on advanced metallization for future low power integrated circuit devices. This works involves processing and characterization of silver and copper metal lines, low dielectric materials, and silicide contacts. Other activities include, ion-beam modified and molelcular engineered materials interfaces for biomedical devices (e.g., ion-induced mixing and phase formation in the hydroxyapatite-metal systems for orthopeadic implants). He has a broad background in the areas of X-ray, ion-beam, and electrical characterization of materials.

Recent Papers or Publications
'Formation of Aluminum Oxynitride Diffusion Barriers for Ag Metallization,' Y. Wang and T.L. Alford, Applied Physics Letters 74, 52-55 (1999).

'Encapsulation of Ag Films on SiO2 by Ti Reactions Using Ag-Ti Alloy/Bilayer Structures in an NH3 Ambient,' T.L. Alford, D. Adams, T. Laursen, and J.W. Mayer, Applied Physics Letters 68, 3251 (1996).

Thin Solid Films: Cu Metallization - Special Edition, T.L. Alford, J .Li, J.W. Mayer, and S.-Q. Wang, Guest Editors, Vol 262 nos 1-2, June 1995.

Special Honors or Awards
Dr. Alford's most recent scholarly activities are that he was an invited speaker at the Center for Intergrated Electronics and Electronics Manufacturing Colloquium, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York 1999, National Accelerator Center, Solid State Meeting, Capetown, South Africa 1999, International Conference on International Conference on Solid-State and Integrated Circuit Technology, Beijing, China 1998. He has authored or co-authored over 85 publications and refereed articles for over eight journals and two federal funding agencies. He has also held guest editorship of Thin Solid Films for a Special Cu Metallization Edition, June 1995. In 1994 he presented an invited short course on 'Copper Metallization at the Brazilian Microelectronics School, Campinas Brazil. He was awarded a NSF Faculty Career Development Award in 1994 and in that same year he was also named Scientist of the Year by the Arizona Council of Black Engineers and Scientists.

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