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Associate Professor
Chemical, Biological, & Materials Engineering College of Engineering
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-6006

Phone: (480 965-8798
FAX: (480) 965-0037
Email: tony.garcia@asu.edu

Picture of Antonio A. Garcia
Antonio A. Garcia

Description of Research
Dr. Garcia has research interests in biochemical engineering that include two main areas: understanding the structure and function of biological materials, and separation and purification of biochemicals. Most recently, research is underway on developing scanning probe microscopy techniques in order to design better vaccine adjuvants. In this effort, he and his colleagues have learned much about the structure of mycobaterium membranes and yeast cell walls using scanning tunneling and scanning force microscopy. Dr. Garcia's interests in bioseparations has led to the recent development of a new class of metal affinity mass separating agents for purifying biotinylated proteins and sulfur containing amino acids.
Recent Papers or Publications
Garcia, A. A., D. H. Kim, G. Whited, and L. Quart, "Recovery of a Cyclic Diol Produced via Biocatalysis", Isolation and Purification., 2(1) (1994).

Garcia, A. A., W. C. Pettigrew, and J. Graham, "BCG Cell Imaging Using Scanning Probe Microscopy",Scanning Microscopy International, 7(2), 755-584 (1993).

Special Honors or Awards

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