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Assistant Professor
Electronics & Computer Technology College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-6606

Phone: (602) 965-3528
FAX: (602) 965-0723

Picture of Narciso F. Macia
Narciso F. Macia

Description of Research
Dr. Macia's research is directed at developing instrumentation (sensors and systems) for processes involving fluid flow, its measurement and control. Specific areas of research include fluid filtration, respiratory mechanics and fluidic sensors. In fluid filtration, he is involved with water filtration systems and the methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of the process. In respiratory mechanics, he is involved in non-invasive measurement of respiratory parameters (resistance, compliance and inertance). He is also involved with the measurement of respiratory flow non-invasively.

Dr. Macia is also developing fluidic approaches for measuring gas concentration, temperature and other variables in environments of high temperature, radiation or vibration.

Recent Papers or Publications
Macia, N. F., M. R. Lluria, and R. A. Pyde, "In Situ Filtration of Untreated Water for Injection," presented at the 1994 ASCE International Symposium on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water, July 1994.

Macia, N. F., W. Dorson, W. Higgins, "A Non-invasive Method for the Measurement of Respiratory Resistance," submitted for publication in Annals of Biomedical Engineering.

Special Honors or Awards

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