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Professor of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 13-3102
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617-253-6858
FAX: 617-253-0222
Email: warde@mtl.mit.edu

1969 B.Sc. (Physics) Stevens Institute of Technology
1971 M.Phil. (Physics) Yale University
1974 Ph.D. (Physics)

Picture of Cardinal Warde
Cardinal Warde

Description of Research
Dr. Warde is engaged in research in the following areas: devices and systems for optical information processing, optoelectronic integrated circuit (OEIC) neuro-processors,

optical neural network algorithms and architectures, integrated spectropolarimetric imaging sensors, spatial light modulators and microdisplays. The goal of the OEIC

neuro-processor work is the development of a compact, versatile, optical neural co-processor that complements the standard PC microprocessor. The spectropolarimetric

imaging sensor work is aimed at applications in remote sensing and infrared image contrast enhancement.

Recent Papers or Publications
C. Warde, J. McCann, V. Shrauger, H. Ieong, A. Ersen, X-Y Wang and J. Hubbard, "Membrane Mirror Light Modulator Technology," Proc. SPIE 3951, 191-199, 2000.

C. Warde, "Compact Optoelectronic Signal Processors", IEEE LEOS '99 Conference Proceedings, Vol.1, pp 325-326, 1999.

M. Ruiz, H. Lamela, A.J. Varo and C. Warde, "Reconfigurable Optoelectronic Neural Network Based on a Microcontroller System", Proceedings of XIV Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems Conference, Mallorca, Spain, Nov. 1999, pp. 447-480.

Special Honors or Awards
Fellow of Optical Society of America, June 1987

Renaissance Science and Engineering Award, Stevens Institute

of Technology, Feb. 1996

Personal Achievement Award, Harrison College-Queens College

USA Alumni Association, Sept. 1998

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