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Professor and Associate Department Head, Research
Aeronautics & Astronautics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT 33-207
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: (617) 253-0906
FAX: (617)-258-0823

Picture of Daniel E. Hastings
Daniel E. Hastings

Description of Research
Dr. Hastings current scholarship is based around three key intellectual questions in the space enterprise. These are

1) Can new design paradigms for space systems be constructed that substantially reduce the time to market, take maximum advantage of manufacturing efficiences and allow upgrading of capabilities on orbit?

2) Can a new space economy and new applications be found based around microsatellites both as individual units and as distributed clusters?

3) How does the growth of global market based space enabled information services affect the use of space for both commercial and military use?

Recent Papers or Publications
Space Systems


Gumbert, C., Violet, M., Hastings, D.E., Hollister, W. M. And Lovell, R, "Assessing Personal Mobile Communication Satellite Systems Using a Cost per Billable Minute Metric" Journal of Spacecraft and Rocket, Vol 35, No. 1, (1998)

Kelic, A., Shaw, G. , Hastings, D. E, "A Metric for Systems Evaluation of Satellite based Internet Links", Journal of Spacecraft and Rocket, Vol 35, No. 1, (1998)

Wickert, D., Shaw, G. & Hastings, D.," Impact of a Dsitributed Architecture for Space Based Radar", Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Volume 35, Number 5, p703-713, (1998)


Shaw, G., Yashko, G., Schwarz, R., Wickert, D. & Hastings, D. E., "Analysis Tools and Architecture Issues for Distributed Satellite Systems", Microengineering for Aerospace Systems, H. Helvijan (ed), Aerospace Press, El Segundo, CA, 1999



Wells, D. and Hastings, D. E., "The US and Japanese Space Programs: A Comparative Study of Goals and Capabilities", Space Policy, p. 233-256, August 1991.


Hastings, D. E. et al. , " New World Vistas Space Technology Volume", US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, Government Printing Office, 1996

Hastings, D. E. & Hutchinson, I. " The Two Edged Sword of Technology", Regeneration Quarterly, 1996


Hastings, D. E. et al. , "Space Technology for the 21st Century", NRC Press, 1998

Hastings, D.E. "Military Space Technology", INSS, USAFA, 1998

Special Honors or Awards

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