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Chemical Engineering School of Engineering
Howard University
2300 6th Street NW
Washington, DC 20059

Phone: (202) 806-6626
FAX: (202) 806-4635

Picture of Joseph N. Cannon
Joseph N. Cannon

Description of Research
Dr. Cannon's research interest is in the transport of hazardous organics in soil. One significant factor affecting the increase in ground water contamination is the growing use of synthetic organic chemicals and their improper disposal in soil systems. The design and assessment of soil clean-up alternatives is a major challenge for engineers and scientists. Dr. Cannon's work uses mathematical modeling and numerical computations to evaluate data from other in-house studies and to extend the data predictively. His goal is to construct simplified but meaningful mathematical representations of the physical system that preserve significant chemical and biological phenomena operating within the system.
Recent Papers or Publications
Adenuga, A. O., Johnson, J. H., Cannon, J. N., and Wan, L., "Bioremediation of PAH-Contaminated Soil Via In-Vessel Composting, " Water Science and Technology, 26, No. 9-11, pp. 2331-2334, 1992.

Chawla, R. C., Porzucek, C., Cannon, J. N., and Johnson, J. H., "Importance of Soil-Contaminant-Surfactant Interactions For in Situ Soil Washing," Chapter in Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management II, ACS Symposium Series 468, 1991, Eds. D. W. Teddler and F. G. Poland, ACS (Washington, DC), pp. 316-341.

Special Honors or Awards

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