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Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

Phone: (206) 543-6915
FAX: (206) 685-8047
Email: fabien@u.washington.edu

Picture of Brian   C. Fabien
Brian C. Fabien

Description of Research
One of Dr. Fabien's research interests involves discrete time learning control. Here the goal is to develop and implement a new control theory that improves the efficiency and accuracy of machine tools that perform repetitive tasks.

A second research interest is dynamic system optimization. This research area focuses on developing a suite of computational tools for the solution of real-world engineering problems in mechanism and control design.

Dr. Fabien is also engaged in research in nonlinear control of Maglev devices. This research deals with the application of modern control theory to electromagnetic levitation devices. Emphasis is placed on experimental validation of some feedback linearizing and adaptive controllers.

Recent Papers or Publications
Fabien, B.C., "Output Feedback Stabilizing Control with H-Infinity Bound on Disturbance Attenuation, ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement and Control, Vol. 115, pp. 531-535, 1993.

Fabien, B.C., "Selection of Controller Gains for an Electromagnetic Suspension Under Random Excitation," ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement and Control, Vol 115, pp. 156-165, 1993.

Special Honors or Awards

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