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Computer Science & Engineering
University of South Florida
Computer Science & Eng Dept
ENB 118
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL 33620

Phone: 813-974-3437
FAX: 813-974-5456
Email: perez@csee.usf.edu

B.S. New Mexico State Uni 1965
M.S. University of Pittsburgh 1967
Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh 1973

Picture of Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez

Description of Research
My main interest is in developing intelligent systems to solve practical industrial problems. These intelligent systems may include neural networks, expert systems, genetic algorithms or heuristic search engines depending on the type of problem. These system must often include integration with a large existing industrial database. The challenge is in selecting the appropriate technique that can meet performance expectations in an industrial environment. Analyzing the effectiveness of these different learning techniques is one of my objectives. Another objective is to find the best way to integrate these system in an existing industrial environment.

Recent Papers or Publications
"Integrating Expert Systems With a Relational Database in Semiconductor Manufacturing" IEEE Transactions in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Vol. 6, No. 3,August 1993.

"On Teaching AI and Expert Systems Courses" IEEE Transactions on Education, Vol. 36, No. 1, February 1993.

"Why is Problem-Dependent and High-Level Representation Scheme Better in a Genetic Algorithm", Proceedings of the 1997 ACM Symposium On Applied Computing, San Jose, California, Feb 28 - March 2, 1997.

Special Honors or Awards
NASA Summer Fellowship - 1995

Teaching Incentive Program Award - University of South Florida - 1996

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