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Materials and Nuclear Engineering
University of Maryland
Materials and Nuclear Engineering Department
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-2115

Phone: 301-405-5220
FAX: 301-314-9467
Email: riba@eng.umd.edu
URL: http://www.mne.umd.edu/staff/salamanca_riba.html

BS Universidad Autonoma de Mexico 1978

PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Picture of Lourdes Salamanca-Riba
Lourdes Salamanca-Riba

Description of Research
Structural studies of thin film heterostructures. Self organized quantum dots of PbSe in PbSe/PbEuTe superlattices. Effects of growth parameters on the structure and properties

of ferroelectric oxide films. Study of the formation of defects in these materials and their effect on the ferroelectric properties. Synthesis of 8-10 nm diameter Bi nanowire arrays in mica using electrodeposition for thermoelectric applications.

Recent Papers or Publications
"Tuning of Vertical and Lateral Correlations in Self-Organized PbSe/Pb1-xEuxTe Quantum Dot Superlattices," G. Springholz, M. Pinczolits, P. Mayer, V. Holy, G. Bauer, H.H. Kang, and L. Salamanca-Riba, Phys. Rev. Lett. (in press).

"Formation of (La0.67Sr0.33)2MnO4 Phase in La-Sr-Mn-O Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition," Y.H. Li, L. Salamanca-Riba, Y. Zhao, S.B. Ogale, R. Ramesh, and T. Venkatesan, J. Mater. Res. (in press).

"The visibility of closely spaced misfit dislocations in heteroepitaxial oxide films using TEM," Hao Li, C. L. Canedy, L. Salamanca-Riba and R. Ramesh, submitted to Phil. Mag.

Special Honors or Awards

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