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Mechanical Engineering
Mississippi State University
Mail Stop 9552
210 Carpenter Building
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Phone: 601-325-7316
FAX: 601-325-7223
Email: agba@me.msstate.edu

B.S. University of Benin, Nigeria 1984
M.S. University of Benin, Nigeria 1988
Ph.D. Florida Atlantic University 1991

Picture of Emmanuel Agba
Emmanuel Agba

Description of Research
Dr Agba has considerable experience in the area of design and manufacture. He has worked in the automotive and plastics production plants as a mechanical engineer and conducted research in telerobotic design and manufacture that won him several fellowship and internship awards.

He has also directed projects in machinery design, metal cutting and heat exchanger instrumentation, and developed a Center for Integrated Manufacturing. He is currently the lead professor in mechanical systems design, computer-aided design, and computer-aided manufacturing. He has written over twenty-five articles on simulation, design and manufacturing. Some of these have won best paper awards at conferences.

Recent Papers or Publications
E. I. Agba, D. Ishee, and J. T. Berry, "High Speed Machining of Unsupported Thin Walled Structures," 3rd International Machining & Grinding Conference, MR99-204, Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 4-7, 1999.

D. Ishee, E. I. Agba, and J.T. Berry, "High Speed Machining Experience with a Speed Increaser," 3rd international conference on Industrial Tooling, Southampton Institute, Solent Conference Center, Southampton, SO14 0YN, Sept. 7-8, 1999.

E. I. Agba, E. W. Jones, A. S. Penaherrera, and Bruce Thrift, 1997, "An Investigation of the Effects of Autobrazer Parameter Variations on the Quality of Return Bend Joints," Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Proc Instn Mech Engrs, Vol 211, part B, pp. 443-450.

Special Honors or Awards
MTA/SME Best Paper Award at the 3rd International Machining and Grinding Conference, October 4-7, 1999, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Numerous certificates of appreciation and fellowship awards

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