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Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University
Department of Chemical Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University
118-B Fenske Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-863-7113
FAX: 814-865-7846
Email: lxc12@psu.edu

B.S. Princeton University
M.S. U. of Pennsylvania 1983
Ph.D. U. of Pennsylvania 1987

Picture of Lance Collins
Lance Collins

Description of Research
Professor Professor Collins' research focus is on the application of direct numerical simulation to the study of a broad range of turbulent processes. Specific areas of interest include:

(i) turbulent transport of aerosol particles and droplets;

(ii) mixing and chemical reaction in turbulent flows;

(iii) materials synthesis in plasma devices;

(iv) turbulence-induced redblood cell damage in prosthetic devices. A unifying theme of this work is the importance of fine scale (micro-turbulence) transport to these phenomena. A second focus of his work is the development of a new class of turbulence models that is capable of describing micro-turbulence

processes. Recent contributions have been made toward extending fundamental spectral theories of turbulence to these applications (i and ii). Current emphasis is on validating the models and incorporating them into CFD codes.

Recent Papers or Publications
Sundaram, S. and L. R. Collins 1999 A numerical study of the modulation of turbulence by particles. J. Fluid Mech. 379:105-143.

Shaw, R. A., Reade, W. C., Collins, L. R. and J. Verlinde 1998 Preferential concentration of cloud droplets by turbulence: Effects on the early evolution of cumulus cloud droplet spectra. J. Atmos. Sci. 55:1965-1976.

Ulitsky, M. and L. R. Collins 1997 Application of the eddy damped quasi-normal Markovian spectral theory to premixed turbulent flame propagation. Phys. Fluids 9:3410-3430.

Special Honors or Awards
AIChE Best Paper Award, 1997

Dow Young Minority Investigator Award, 1990

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