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Assistant Professor
Long Island University
University Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 488-1449
FAX: (718) 488-1465
Email: hlujanup@liu.edu

B.S. St. Francis College 1987
Ph.D. Polytechnic University of New York 1995

Picture of Hannia Lujan-Upton
Hannia Lujan-Upton

Description of Research
Our group has been investigating the gelling mechanisms of various biocompatible hydrogels, such as poly(HEMA)in order to better control the processing of these materials. These biomaterials are in high demand both in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. We've investigated and established the existence of various contaminants which aid in the gelling using HPLC and capillary GC analysis. We've also designed sterically hindered HEMA molecules in order to control/eliminate the gelling.

Other projects include the investigation of polymeric microstructure in tactic macromolecules using luminescent probes and small organic model compounds. Knowledge of the distance between side chain groups on these polymers is being sought.

Of interest lately in our group is the synthetic modification of known medicinal compounds in order to enhance their transdermal delivery. In addition, we have an incipient collaboration with a dental materials institution to improve existing dental composites so that they will be more attractive to the human tooth when used as cavity-filling material.

Recent Papers or Publications
Lujan-Upton, H., Okamoto, Y., Invited publication entitled: "Terbium (III) as a Fluorescent

Probe for the Elucidation of the Ion-binding Properties and Degradation of Polyelectrolytes, Recent Res. Devel. in Polymer Science, 2, 253, 1998.

Lujan-Upton, H., Okamoto, Y. Use of Terbium (III) as a Probe for the Ion-Binding Properties of Triacidic Model Compounds J. of Fluorescence, 8(4), 355, 1998.

Wang, N., Wu, X. S., Lujan-Upton, H., Donahue, E. J., Siddiqui, A., Synthesis, Characterization, Biodegradation, and Drug Delivery Application of Biodegradable Lactic/Glycolic Acid Oligomers: I. Synthesis and Characterization", J. Biomat. Sci.: Polymer Edn.,.8, No. 12, p 905-917, 1997.

Special Honors or Awards
National Science Foundation Chemistry, Research, Instrumentation & Facilities Grant (CRIF)-

entitled Acquisition of a Fluorescence Spectrometer recommended for funding(6/99). Award amount = $38,230

American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Organic Chemistry Faculty Travel Award -

attended the National Organic Symposium, University of Wisconsin at Madison, June 13-17, 1999.

American Society of Engineering Education National Meeting (ASEE) - Junior Faculty Travel

Award, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June, 14, 1997.

I volunteer spare time to the Mighty Mutts Organization, a private, non-profit group helping to rehabilitate stray animals in NYC. Once in good health, we adopt them out to loving homes. Have spoken publicly for stricter enforcement of animal abuse/cruelty laws in NYC on WOR channel 9 television as well as on QPTV cable network of NYC. I presently handle our group's email correspondence and help in the maintenance of our site: members.tripod.com/~MightyMutts

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