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University of Michigan
Department of Physics
500 East University St.
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1120

Phone: 734-763-9759
FAX: 734-764-5153
Email: merlin@umich.edu

B.S. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina 1973
M.S. n/an/a
Ph.D. University of Stuttgart, Germany 1978

Picture of Roberto Merlin
Roberto Merlin

Description of Research
Merlin's research specialty is experimental condensed matter physics. His areas of expertise include various optical techniques and, in particular, spontaneous and impulsive (stimulated) Raman spectroscopy. His current interests focus on electronic and vibrational properties of III-V artificial semiconductor structures and the generation of coherent phonon fields using ultrafast laser pulses. Merlin and collaborators pioneered experimental work on Fibonacci superlattices, the quantum-confined Pockels effect and squeezed phonons. Other significant contributions include the earliest Raman studies of interface phonons, folded acoustic modes and shallow impurities in GaAs/AlAs heterostructures.
Recent Papers or Publications
"Vacuum-squeezing of solids: macroscopic quantum states driven by light pulses." G. A. Garrett, A. G. Rojo, A. K. Sood, J. F. Whitaker and R. Merlin, Science 275, 1638-1640 (1997).

"Generating coherent THz phonons with light pulses." R. Merlin, in Highlights of Condensed Matter Physics, Solid State Commun. 102, 207-220 (1997).

"Coherent THz phonons driven by light pulses and the Sb-problem: what is the mechanism?" G. A. Garrett, T. F. Albrecht, J. F. Whitaker, and R. Merlin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 77, 3661-3664 (1996).

Special Honors or Awards
Professor Merlin is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the von Humboldt Foundation (Germany).

Following his election as Vice-Chair of the APS Forum on International Physics in 1994, he served as Chair-Elect in 1995 and as Chair in 1996.

In 1998, Merlin joined the editorial board of the Springer Series in Solid State Sciences.

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