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Jorge Jose

Matthews Distinguished University Professor
Northeastern University
Center for the Interdisciplinary
Research on Complex Systems
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston MA, 02115, USA

Phone: 617-373-2927
FAX: 617-373-2943
Email: jjv@neu.edu



B.S. University of Mexico 1971
M.S. University of Mexico 1973
Ph.D. University of Mexico 1976


Description of Research
A condensed matter theorist and biophycisist. Has worked in critical phenomena, magnetism, superconductivity, superfluidity, macroscopic quantum phenomena, localization theory. He has also worked in quantum chaos of single and many particle problems. Recently he has also been working on cell biology mitosis problems and synchronization in physiologically realistic neuronal models.
Recent Papers or Publications
1) ``Renormalization, vortices and symmetry-breaking perturbations in the two-dimensional planar model" with L.P. Kadanoff, S. Kirkpatrick, and D.R. Nelson, Phys. Rev. B16, 1217 (1977).

2) "Shapiro steps with screening currents." with D. Dominguez, Phys. Rev. Lett., 69, 414 (1992).

3) ``Novel axisymmetric coherent vortex state in arrays of Josephson unctions far from equilibrium" with D. Dominguez, A. Karma and C. Wiecko. Phys. Rev. Lett. 67, 2367 (1991).

Special Honors or Awards
Matthews Distinguished University Professor, Northeastern University

Fellow American Physical Society

James Franck Fellow, University of Chicago

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