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Luisa F. Hansen

Senior Physicist
Physics & Space Technology
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, L-056
Livermore, CA 94551

Phone: 925-422-4512
FAX: 925-423-8086
Email: hansen13@llnl.gov



B.S. University of Chile, Santiago, Chile 1950
M.S. UC Berkeley 1957
Ph.D. UC Berkeley 1959


Description of Research
1) Measurements and Calculations of the Transport of Neutrons and Photons through Materials of interest to Defense Programs, Fusion Reactors and Shielding Applications.

2). Shielding and Criticality Calculations related to the Decommission of Nuclear Devices

Recent Papers or Publications
1) AComparison of the Shielding Performances of the AT400-A, Model FL and Model ALR8 Containers, L. F.Hansen, UCRL-JC-120849. Presented at the 2nd Annual Packaging Workshops in San Francisco, CA, June 1995.

2) Transportation System Risk Assessment for Shipment of W56-4 Subassemblies in the Safe Secure Trailer (U). Radiation Evaluation Sections in Vol. I & II, L. F. Hansen, CODT-97-0663, Defense Technologies Engineering Division, LLNL, February 27, 1988.

3) Design Study of a Californium Shuffler for Nondestructive Assay of Uranium at the USEC

AVLIS Enrichment Plant, E. A. Henry et al., A-53171-01, USEC Proprietary Informa tion, LLNL, March 1998.

Special Honors or Awards
Fellow of the American Nuclear Society (November 1989)

The Citation reads: "For Development of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Pulsed Sphere Program; and for accomplishments in the measurements of neutron cross sections for defense programs, fission and fusion, and radiation shielding efforts in the United States andworldwide"

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