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Mathematics & Statistics
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-1042

Phone: (806)742-2566
FAX: (806)742-1112
Email: inbsd@ttacs.ttu.edu

B.S. University of Albuquerque 1961
M.S. Colorado State University 1964
Ph.D. Colorado State University 1966

Picture of Benjamin Duran
Benjamin Duran

Description of Research
My research is in the area of statistics and includes nonparametric statistics, reliability theory, and risk theory. It also includes research in applied areas related to engineering and the sciences.
Recent Papers or Publications
Robustness of Sum of Squared Ranks Test, Journal of the American Statistical Association, (with P. Mielke, Jr.), (1968) 63:338-344.

A Survey of Nonparametric Tests for Scale. Communications in Statistics, Part A: Theory and Methods, (1976) A5:1287-1312 (invited paper).

Statistical Methods for Engineers and Scientists, Third Ed., Revised and Expanded, (with R. Bethea & T. Boullion), Marcel Dekker, Inc. (1995), 652 pp.

Special Honors or Awards
Listed in American Men of Science

Listed in Personalities of the South

KME Honorary Society Teaching Award

Military and Civilian Awards Program Finalist, Weapons Laboratory, Kirtland AFB,

Air Force Systems Command, June 2, 1989.

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