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Howard Matthew

Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Wayne State University
Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
5050 Anthony Wayne Drive
Detroit, MI 48202

Phone: 313 577-5238
FAX: 313-577-3810
Email: h.matthew@wayne.edu



B.S. University of the West Indies 1984
M.S. Wayne State University 1988
Ph.D. Wayne State University 1992


Description of Research
My interests fall within the rather broad areas of tissue engineering and biomaterials. My interests fall within the rather broad areas of tissue engineering and biomaterials. Tissue engineering may be defined as the application of quantitative engineering principles and techniques to the study and manipulation of living tissues and their constituent cells with the ultimate goal of producing either tissue repair or bioartificial organ substitutes. The design, modification and evaluation of bioactive and bioinert materials are an integral part of this effort. In general, my work involves studying and controlling the interactions of cells, natural and artificial polymers, and environmental factors with a view towards the development of tissue and organ replacement systems. My group has developed a focus on polysaccharide-based biomaterials for use in a variety of tissue engineering applications.

Recent Papers or Publications
Surapaneni, S,; Pryor, T.; Klein, M.D.; Matthew, H.W.T. Rapid Hepatocyte Spheroid Formation: Optimization and Long-Term Function in Perfused Microcapsules. ASAIO Journal 1997 43(5): M848-M853.

Madihally, S.V.; Matthew, H.W.T. Porous Chitosan Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering. Biomaterials 1999 20: 1133-1142.

Sechriest VF, Miao YJ, Niyibizi C, Westerhausen-Larsen A, Matthew HWT, Evans CH, Fu FH, Suh JK, GAG-Augmented Polysaccharide Hydrogel: A Novel Biocompatible and Biodegradable Material to Support Chondrogenesis. J Biomedical Materials Research 1999 (in press).

Madihally SV, Flake AW, Matthew HWT, Maintenance of CD34 Expression During Proliferation of CD34+ Cord Blood Cells on Glycosaminoglycan Surfaces. Stem Cells 1999 (in press).

Special Honors or Awards
NSF CAREER Award 1996

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