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Aubrey Miller

Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering
West Virginia University
West Virginia University
Chemical Engineering Department
435 Engineering Sciences Building
P.O. Box 6102
Morgantown, West Virginia 26506-6102

Phone: 304-293-2111 Ext. 2416
FAX: 304-293-4139
Email: miller@cemr.wvu.edu



B.S. University of Michigan 1978
M.S. Illinois Institute of Technology 1987
Ph.D. Illinois Insitute of Technology 1991


Description of Research

My research interests are in the area of multiphase flow. This includes the experimental and theoretical determination of flow patterns, turbulence and rheological properties of gas-solid, gas-liquid, and liquid-solid systems. These systems incude cold and hot model fluid catalytic cracking units, combusters, gasification units, bubble columns, pneumatic transport piping systems, slurry transport lines, and an assortment of chemical reactors.

Recent Papers or Publications

"Computational Modeling of Solid Phase Flow Patterns in Circulating Fluidized Beds, ASME, FEDSM'97, 7th International Symposium on Gas-Particle Flows.

Experimental Investigations of Chaotic Hydrodynamic Attractors in Circulating Fluidized Beds, Powder Technology, Vol.79, 1994, 211-215

Dense, Vertical Gas-Solid Flow in a Pipe, AIChE Journal, Vol.38,No.11 , 1801-1815, November, 1992

Special Honors or Awards

Illinois Minority Graduate Incentive Program Fellowship (1986-1989).

Invited Speaker, University of Maryland at College Park, Chemical Engineering Department Lecture Series, " Computational Modeling of Multiphase Flows", Spring 1997.

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