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Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Materials Science, and Professor of Chemistry
Chemical Engineering
University of Rochester
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
206 Gavett Hall, Box 270166
Rochester, NY 14627-0166

Phone: (716) 275-2281
FAX: (716) 442-6686
Email: jenekhe@che.rochester.edu

B.S. Michigan Technological Univ. 1977
M.S. Univ. of Minnesota 1980
Ph.D. Univ. of Minnesota 1984

Picture of Samson  A. Jenekhe
Samson A. Jenekhe

Description of Research
My research in Polymer Science and Engineering is focused on:

1. Electronic and Optoelectronic Polymers (synthesis and processing;

molecular engineering of properties; structure-property relationships;

photophysics; photochemistry; photoconductivity; charge transport;

luminescence; quantum confinement; nonlinear optical properties;

electronic and optoelectronic devices). 2. Self-Assembling Polymer

Systems (supramolecular polymer science; self-assembling polymer

microstructures; self-assembly of synthetic polymers; self-assembly

of periodic/ordered mesostructures; photonic band gap mesostructures;

rod-coil block copolymers; polymer blends; multifunctional and smart

materials; hydrogen-bonded polymer aggregates). 3. Polymer Device

Engineering (polymer thin film device fabrication; polymer/polymer

heterojunctions; polymer/polymer and polymer/metal interfaces;

nanolayered thin films; light emitting diodes; photodetectors;

photovoltaic cells; electrochromic cells).

Recent Papers or Publications

(1) S. A. Jenekhe and J. A. Osaheni, "Excimers and Exciplexes of Conjugated Polymers," Science, 265, 765-768 (1994).

(2) S. A. Jenekhe and X. L. Chen, "Self-Assembled Aggregates of Amphiphilic Rod-Coil Block Copolymers and their Solubilization and Encapsulation of Fullerenes," Science, 279, 1903-1907 (1998).

(3) S. A. Jenekhe and X. L. Chen, "Self-Assembly of Ordered Microporous Materials from Rod-Coil Block Copolymers," Science, 283, 372-375 (1999).

Special Honors or Awards
Undergraduate Academic Scholarship, 1974 - 1977.

Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society, 1976.

Honeywell Star Inventor Award, 1986.

Outstanding Young Man of America Award, 1987.

21ST Annual New Horizons in Physics Lecturer, SUNY - New Paltz, Fall 1990.

Distinguished Lecturer, Materials Directorate, Air Force Materials Laboratory, Dayton, OH, June 1994.

The Weissberger-Williams Lecturer, Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories, Rochester, NY, Nov., 1996.

Macromolecules, Editorial Advisory Board, 1994-1996.

Chemistry of Materials, Editorial Advisory Board, 1997 - present.

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