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Bernard Kabyemela

Research & Development
SR Kaihatsu, Supercritical Research Institute
Kyoritsu Coop 206,
2-4-1 Tsunogoro, Aoba-ku,
Sendai, Japan

Phone: +81-197-51-1646
FAX: +81-197-51-1647
Email: bkabyemela@hotmail.com



B.S. University of Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA 1988
M.S. Arizona State University, USA 1992
Ph.D. Tohoku University, Japan 1998


Description of Research
Three areas of Research:

1)Pyrolysis Reactions of Scrap Tyres: Based on my MSc. work, as well as working, during summer time round the clock pyrolysis unit for scrap tires as well as diapers (work supported by Kimberley Clark), I have some experience in the pyrolysis of disposables in trying to use catalysis to optimize for the formation of synthesis gas which can be converted to fuel.

2) Reactions in subcritical and supercritical water: Based on my PhD. work and publications, I have experience in the area of the reaction of cellulose and its model compounds in subcritical and supercritical water for the study of reaction products and kinetics as well as the optimum formation of useful products such as erythrose which has very important uses (a patent is being made from my work pertaining to erythrose formation).

3) Use of Liquid Carbon dioxide as well as Supercritical Carbon dioxide (CO2)in the Cleaning of Industrial Parts: This is my latest work based on my present employment where we are working towards the relacement of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the cleaning of industrial parts. CFC's become obsolete in the year 2000 as dictated by the Montreal Protocol signatories as a result of evidence showing that they are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer. We have designed, simulated, manufactured and are now operating a pump-less cleaning system which uses liquid CO2 with a condenser and evaporator and a cleaning vessel to clean industrial parts which may range from silicon wafers and electrical parts to oily and greasy parts etc.

Recent Papers or Publications
1)Kabyemela B.M., Adschiri T., Malaluan R.M., Arai K., Glucose and fructose decomposition in Subcritical and Supercritical Water: Detailed Reaction Pathway, Mechanisms and Kinetics. Accepted by Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol 38, No. 8, pg. 2888

2)Kabyemela B.M., Takigawa M., Adschiri T., Malaluan R.M., Arai K., Mechanism and Kinetics of Cellobiose Decomposition in Subcritical and Supercritical Water, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol 37, No. 2, pg. 357

3)Kabyemela B.M., Adschiri T., Malaluan R.M., Arai K., Rapid and Selective Conversion of Glucose to Erythrose in Supercritical Water, submitted to Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol 36 No.12, pg. 5063

Special Honors or Awards
1995 - Present: Associate Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

1995 - Present: Graduate Student Member of the Society of Chemical Engineers of Japan (SCEJ)

1993 - 1998:Awarded Scholarship (Monbusho Scholarship) by the Government of Japan to undertake Ph.D. studies in Japan at Tohoku University.

1989-1992 : Awarded Scholarship by the Swiss Development Corporation through the Government of Tanzania to undertake Masters Degree studies at the Arizona State University, USA

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