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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
North Carolina State University

Raleigh NC27695-7910

Phone: 919 515 5667
FAX: 919 515 5934
Email: nd@ncsu.edu

B.S. Oxford University 1984
Ph.D. Cambridge University 1989

Picture of Ndaona Chokani
Ndaona Chokani

Description of Research
Dr. Chokani's main research interests are: fundamental studies in the areas of experimental and computational flow physics; and applied aerodynamics. His current and recent experimental studies include:

the stability and transition of laminar hypersonic boundary layers; the characterization and control of microclimates for management of grass disease; the application of active flow control techniques on remotely piloted vehicles; and the dynamics and control of aero-acoustic induced interactions.

He is also currently conducting computational studies in the areas of:

the stability of laminar hypersonic boundary layers; the closed-loop control of unsteady, separated, compressible flows; and the aerodynamics of ground vehicles.

Dr. Chokani has presented several seminars and papers on his work. He advises graduate research students in his current areas of research interest; he has supervised six doctoral dissertations and ten masters' theses. He also teaches both undergraduate and graduate level classes.

Recent Papers or Publications
Lamp, A. M. and Chokani, N., "Computation of Cavity Flows with Suppression Using Jet Blowing," Journal of Aircraft, Vol.34, July-Aug. 1997, pp. 545-551. (AIAA Paper 96-0446)

Hudson, M. L., Chokani, N. and Candler, G. V., "Linear Stability of Hypersonic Flow in Thermochemical Nonequilibrium," AIAA Journal, Vol. 35, June 1997, pp. 958-964. (AIAA Paper 96-0671)

Doggett, G. P., Chokani, N. and Wilkinson, S. P., "Effects of Angle of Attack on Hypersonic Boundary Layer Stability in a Quiet Wind Tunnel," AIAA Journal, Vol. 35, Mar. 1997, pp. 464-470. (AIAA Paper 97-0557)

Special Honors or Awards
1999 Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award, SAE International

1998 Associate Fellow, AIAA

1996 Outstanding AIAA Faculty Advisor Citation

1996 Aerospace Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award, NC State

1995 Outstanding Teacher Award, NC State

1994 Aerospace Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award, NC State

1990 Aerospace Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award, NC State

1985-1988 CLT Scholar, Trinity College, Cambridge University

1981-1984 JCR Scholar, St. Catherine's College, Oxford University

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