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Sr. Research Scientist
Imaging Materials-R&D
Eastman Kodak
1999 Lake Avenue
Rochester, NY 14650-2116

Phone: (716)588-8121
FAX: (716)722-6995
Email: damos@kodak.com

B.S. University of Virginia 1985
M.S. University of California-Berkeley 1992
Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley 1996

Picture of Delaina Amos
Delaina Amos

Description of Research
My research involves incorporation technology for photographic materials into imaging products.

Specifically I am interested in dispersions and emulsions of these materials. The stability of these colloidal systems is also critical. We are interested in studying novel materials and dispersants. A large part of this effort involves the study of polymers, surfactants and polymeric surfactants. We study the adsorption of these surface active materials as well as the stability of the dispersions and emulsions of the photographic active materials. We are also researching novel materials for use in new imaging systems. The rheology of these dispersions and emulsions is also of interest. We often have challenging problems with shear-induced flocculation, and well as other classical dispersion and dispersion stability problems.

Recent Papers or Publications
D.A. Amos, Scott Lynn, and C.J. Radke, "A Self-Consistent Multicomponent Activity Coefficient Model for Ionic Micellar Surfactant Solutions," Langmuir, 1998, 14(9),2297.

D. A. Amos, J. H. Markels, S. Lynn, and C. J. Radke, "Osmotic Pressure and Interparticle Interactions in Ionic Micellar Surfactant Solutions," J. Phys. Chem. B, 1998, 102(15), 2739.

Special Honors or Awards
Executive Board-Rochester Area Black Technical Professional, 1999;

President, BGESS (Black Graduate Engineering & Science Students), University of California-Berkeley, 1992-1993;

AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow, National Public Radio, WOSU-AM, 1994;

NSF Engineering Education Scholar's Workshop-Georgia Tech University, 1995

Interests include: reading, writing, and working with young people.

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