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William Kisaalita

Associate Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
University of Georgia
Driftmier Engineerign Center
Athens, Georgia 30602

Phone: 706-542-0835
FAX: 706-542-8806
Email: williamk@bae.uga.edu
URL: www.bae.uga.edu/dept/faculty/williamk



BS Makerere University (Uganda) 1978
MS University of British Columbia 1982
Ph.D University of British Columbia 1987


Description of Research
We are applying engineers' tools (biochmical reaction kinetics, ratio imaging at the single cell level, mathematical modeling, etc) to issues in neurobiology. For example, we are using neuroblastoma cells as a model system in investigations ranging from biological effects of simulated microgravity to relationships between extremely-low-frequency magnetic fields exposure and amyloid precursor protein processing. We are also using fluorescent pseudomonad pyoverdines in the development of sensors with applications ranging from research to healthcare.
Recent Papers or Publications
Agnihotri, N.; Keith, C.H.; Kisaalita, W.S. 1999. Micro-perfusion flow cell for imaging cultured cells. BioTechniques 27:722-728.

Xiao, R.; Kisaalita, W.S. 1998. Fluorescent pseudomonad proverdines bind and oxidize the ferrous ion. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 64, 1472-1476.

Kisaalita, W.S.; Bowen, J.M. Development of resting membrane potentials in differentiating murine neuroblastoma cells (N1E-115) evaluated by flow cytometry. Cytotechnology 24:201-212.

Special Honors or Awards
Named Teacher of the Year, 1992, by the Georgia Student Branch of the ASAE.

University of Georgia International Fellow, 1999/2000.

Developing instructional material to be used in sophomore engineering/science introductory classes to provide rationale for why students should consider international exposure a key component of their undergraduate experience.

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