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Yaw D. Yeboah

Professor and Technical Director
Clark Atlanta University
223 James P. Brawley Drive
Atlanta, GA 30314

Phone: 404-880-6619
FAX: 404-880-6615
Email: yyeboah@cau.edu



B.S. M.I.T.
M.S. M.I.T.
Ph.D. M.I.T.


Description of Research
Research on fossil fuels, combustion and emission control; Specific research projects recently completed or in-progress include:

Turbulent premixed methane-air combustion; Surface-modified coal for enhanced catalyst dispersion and liquefaction; Non-thermal plasma discharge technology for NOx removal;

Study of the performance of infra-red natural gas burners; Catalytic gasification of coal using eutectic salt mixtures; Experimental and numerical studies of instabilities in Ramjet combustors; Study of the sub and supercritical behavior of droplets and jets; Liguid fuels: Pyrolytic degradation and fire spread behavior as influenced by buoyancy.

Recent Papers or Publications
Y. D. Yeboah, J.X. Nie and K.B. Bota, "Effects of Pressure, Molecular Weight and Oxygen Potential on Hydrocarbon Droplet Gasification and Combustion Characteristics under Supercritical Pressure Environments," Proceedings of 1999 Technical Meeting of The Eastern States Section of The Combustion Institute, Raleigh, NC, Oct. 11-13, 1999.

J.X. Nie, Y. D. Yeboah, K.B. Bota, T. Bai, and H.D. Ross; "Laser Doppler Velocimetry and Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of Premixed Methane-Air Flames and Their Comparison," Proceedings of 3rd ASME/JSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference, San Francisco, CA, July 18-22, 1999, Paper FEDSM99-6978.

Y. D. Yeboah, K.B. Bota, T. Bai, Z. Wang, J. Rogers, and S. Federle, "Investigation of Reduced Field Effect in a Silent Discharge Reactor," 5th International conference on Advanced Oxidation technologies for Water and Air Remediation, Alburqueque, NM May 21-28, 1999

J. Nie, J. D. Miller and Y. D. Yeboah (1998), The effect of ink types and printing processes on floatation deinking efficiency of wastepaper recycling, International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Policy, 1 (1998), 47-58, Springer-Verlag.

Yeboah, Y. D., M. R. Saeed and A. K. K. Lee (1994), "Kinetics of Strontium Sulfate Precipitation from Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions", Journal of Crystal Growth, 135, pp 323-330

Yeboah, Y. D., M. R. Saeed and A. K. K. Lee, (1994) "Strontium Sulfate Precipitation from Electrolyte Solutions", AIChE Journal, 40, pp 1422.

Singh R. P., Y. D. Yeboah, E. R. Pambid and P Debayle (1991), " Stability Constant of the Calcium-Citrate (3-) ion pair complex", J. Chem Eng. Data, 36, 52-54.

Yeboah, Y. D., and A. M. Aitani (1989), "Thermal Analysis of Steam reforming catalysts" Thermochimica Acta, 149, 147-156, Elsevier Sci. Pub, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Special Honors or Awards
First recipient of four degrees in four years from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1975

General Electric Managerial Award for Research Excellence and Innovation 1981

Most Outstanding Research Project and Leadership Award, Research Institute, KFUPM 1993

Clark Atlanta University Student Awards for dedication to teaching, instructional excellence and devoted and invaluable services 1999

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